Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Poker Cheating: Strip poker

Strip Poker Cheat: I got an interesting e-mail today that really made me laugh. A young lady complained that she was cheated in a game of strip poker. Before I read the next line, I was already guessing ahead to what she could mean...actual cheating with cards or some guy somehow trying to cheat her clothes off. Well, it was about the clothes alright, but not about a guy!

It was a Lesbian Strip Poker game!

She said that she was drunk and one of her fellow players...or "playerettes" took advantage and removed two articles of clothing off her body instead of the one that was dictated by the rules. Naturally, you can all guess what that second article of clothing was, and she did tell me, but then I wondered why she was writing me about this. After all, I might be a world-renowned sleight of hand artist but I only worked with cards and chips, not bras and panties...well, at least as far as cheating casinos is concerned!

Anyway, I e-mailed her back and asked her exactly that, why was she telling me that a lesbian suitor was cheating clothes off her body?

Her answer was "I just wanted a straight guy's opinion." Weird enough, huh?

But there's one thing I left out: she sent me a picture! No, it wasn't a nude photo, but I will tell you this: Damn, how I would've liked to have been in that Strip Poker game!