Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gambling Cheating Blog of the Year!

Poker Cheats, Poker Cheating, Gambling Cheats, Gambling Cheating. These are some of the most popular search engine phrases that have led people to my American Roulette Poker and Casino Cheating Blog for more than three years now. And I am proud to say that my blog has been elected the "Gambling Cheating Blog of the Year!"

By whom?...Well, this is a little embarrassing. You see, I don't know. Yesterday I received a e-mail that was rather anonymous, meaning the sender's e-mail address gave no indication of a name, and the message was left unsigned.

The content, though: "Dear Mr. Marcus, we want you to know that for us, your American Roulette Poker and Cheating Blog is the Gambling Cheating Blog of the Year!"

I sure felt good hearing that...and notice the words "we" and "us." That means that at least more than one person enjoys reading my blog! I hope you do too.