Monday, January 28, 2008

French Bank Scam Artist's Trading Scandal makes Societe Generale trader Jerome Kerviel my kind of guy!

$7.2 billion French Bank Fraud! That's 4.9 million euros. Jerome Kerviel is not only my type of scam artist, but what he did to Societe Generale with his unauthorized trades dwarfs what I did to French Casinos and American casinos into the world of petit! Wow! $7.2 billion! You could build the Bellagio, Venetian and maybe a few other casino megaresorts with that type of cash. I wonder how long he'd been planning that coup against the bank, or if he just started it one day on the spur of a moment and then decided to go with it. In any case, kudos for Mr. Kerviel or I should say Monsieur Kerviel! I should almost put him in my Casino Cheaters Hall of Fame for such a great ripoff but it didn't happen in casinos...Hey, wait a minute...does the French Bank Societe Generale make loans or do any other business with casinos? If it does, then maybe I can put Jerome Kerviel in my Cheaters Hall of Fame!