Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recognizing the Bullshit Online Poker Cheating Articles Online!

I do consider my website the best source of online poker cheating information online, however, there are other good ones as well...But beware, there are also online poker websites that deal with cheating in a way that is cheating you in itself. In other words, the totality of their online poker cheating information is complete bullshit. To see a good example, read the article below I found on Gaming Today. It is totally full of crap and obviously written for entertainment and promotional value as I cannot find any other reason why it would be written. As you read this article, and others like it on other online poker websites that deal with cheating, you will notice the writer saying things like "I was shown how to do this type of cheating but was assured it would never be done in actual online poker situations," or making general statements about the vast types of cheating in online poker without giving any concrete examples, or saying I know this and that but won't give names.

I, of course, am not saying that cheating in online poker is overstated--anything but (it is indeed RAMPANT). I only want you to recognize the sites that give quality information about online poker cheating as well as those that don't.

Article on Gaming Today:

"A few years ago – I wrote a few columns on the Red Games of Poker (aka cheating). Today it’s time to revisit the subject because of a new system of cheating I have noticed in many of the card rooms. I am not going to name any poker rooms because it can happen in any of them, and I won’t name the historical background of the bad folks or profile any of the red poker players! But look and you will know them by their appearance most of the time. They come in groups of three or four at the table – just look and note the profile!

Get a copy of my new book where I do kick butt and take names! (Of course the whole purpose of this is to get you to buy his book.)

I do think poker is a more honorable game than golf, football, horse racing, baseball, wrestling, tennis, or basketball! Have you seen the recent scandal about an NBA referee betting on games he officiated in? There are also allegations of a betting scandal in tennis that involves players betting on matches they played. Point shaving in basketball was going on half a century ago. Back then it was players shaving points. Now the refs are doing it. It is amazing how long it takes for the true facts to become public knowledge. Back then the bookies would not post the line until 30 minutes before game time in the NBA, and then they would sometimes circle the number – limiting the amount you could bet on that game.

For years I resisted learning about the computer, but now I love all the things you can do with a computer, including playing poker.

But Internet poker can be a very red game! So I do not recommend you play poker on line, except for free games or for very low stakes! Just play for fun. Now if you are playing on line for money pull your chair up close, because I want to whisper to you:

You can be cheated so many ways I cannot count them! I know owners and operators of online sites can do anything to you. I have been in the back office (sure you have) and had the site tell me what they can do. Of course, I was told they would never do it – just a method where they could keep cheating from happening! I know they can give you a royal in hearts, give another player four 9s, and another four 7s – or any poker hands they wish. And if you are lucky enough to win and get ahead, if they wish they can fail to pay you. I remember a site that I requested to send me a check. They sent the check but the bank would not cash it!

I believe owners of online poker sites can and will salt the mine. I will tell you folks that years ago in old west mining camps there was a scam called salting the mine. It went like this.

Crooks would load up several shotguns with gold dust and nuggets, go down into the mine, and shoot the gold into the sides of the mine to give the appearance of a very rich gold mine. They used this trick to help promote stock sales of shares in their mine.

Well, here is what I believe some of the Internet sites do. A new player comes on board with a code number for extra chips. They salt him, and may do so for the first two or three times he sits down to play. Well, that player starts out winning in the salted poker game and thinks, "What a wonderful thing ... I will tell all my friends and they can win a lot of money." And here in Vegas, all the shows are not on the stage. They can show you a white blackbird any time!

There’s more to come about the red games of poker in subsequent issues, but email me at www.oklajohnny@aol. com if you just can’t wait. (I think I can wait.)

OKJ Tip of the Week:

Folks, this old world is a wonderful place and the poker table is one of the nice places to be most of the time! I would rather be at the poker table trusting the players than at a desk or in the office of lawyers, doctors, bankers, car dealers, insurance companies, stock brokers, real estate people, Indian chiefs, politicians or any of the professions.

It is the new West!

Until next time, remember to Stay Lucky!!"