Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ex-PokerStars Employee Says That Giant Online Site Gave Up Battle Against Poker Cheats Online!

all the online poker sites are fighting an almost hopeless war against the cheats these days, and many of them, including PokerStars, the biggest of 'em all, are attributing it to the huge growth the entire industry is experiencing.

A former member of PokerStars' staff has said that the giant site even gave up on trying to stop the cheats. Speaking anonymously to the BBC "5 Live Investigates" program, he said, "We had a hard job keeping up, just because of the volume of complaints from players about suspected cheating incidents. Not that all of the complaints were legitimate...ninety-five percent were from bitter customers because they lost, and there was no collusion. But Pokerstars still pledged to investigate them all."

My take: At least the guy is honest!

However, the former employee went on to state that during his time working for the site, the staff turned off the automatic alerts that red-flagged possible cases of collusion and other forms of online poker cheating because they were simply overwhelmed by the huge number of alerts hitting the system.