Saturday, July 10, 2010

Major Online Poker Cheat Collusion Cheating Ring Exposed at PokerStars!

An organized group of online poker cheat colluders operating in China has been exposed by vigilant players at PokerStars who persistently complained about collusion cheating to the giant site's security department. Most of the online cheating happened at the $52-$108 Double or Nothing tables, where up to a half-dozen Chinese colluders huddled up at the same online poker table on many occasions.

This latest major online scandal surfaced when one of the accused poker cheats (supposedly a woman?) posted on the 2+2 Poker Forum that PokerStars had frozen her account under the screen name Jane0123. That post led to a chain reaction by members of the forum who immediately believed she was one of the online poker colluding cheats. PokerStars quickly launched an investigation and concluded that the collusion cheating ring did infact exist and that as many as fifty players might have been part of the cheating team. The site has already paid victimized players more than half a million dollars, a bit generous on its part as less than $100,000 was confiscated from the cheaters' accounts.

At this time it is not known exactly how much the victims lost to the organized online poker cheat colluders, nor how PokerStars plans on compensating them for lost leaderboard points.

If you believe you have been victimized by this online poker cheating group, contact PokerStars security at