Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Poker Cheat Bots Hit Pitbull Poker and Others!

Pitbull Poker, which has already seen a significant traffic decline due to an alleged superuser account scandal that its operators don't seem to be responding to, is again in the online poker cheating news with fresh allegations of widespread bot play on the site. According to information I'm receiving, bot play seems to go undetected for much longer periods of time than on most other online poker sites. This also has been noted BEFORE the super user account cheating scam broke at Pitbull Poker. As for the quality and effectiveness of the bots being used in Pitbull Poker games, I cannot say much, but overall, I figure that the majority of these bots are not that effective, and they alone should not be a reason to avoid the site.

Overall cheating bot play is on the rise throughout online poker, but again, I must stress that the high quality artificial intelligence bots are not out there in alarming numbers. However, if you do come up against them, you might be paying them off as they are good enough to beat most online players.