Friday, July 10, 2009

Hellmuth Takes Poker Cheat Barb on ESPN WSOP Main-Event Table!

In the middle of yesterday's WSOP Main Event action, Phil Hellmuth, who is teamed up with the online poker scandal ridden site UltimateBet, raised under the gun while his table was being featured on ESPN. Suddenly, Todd Witteles, who goes by the name "Dan Druff" and was playing at the same table, said sarcastically to Phil, "Can you see my cards? Oh wait, I forgot, we're not on Ultimate Bet." Of course he was cracking about the huge UltimateBet cheating scandal, in which UltimateBet employees Russ Hamilton (1994 Main Event winner) and others used their master accounts to cheat players out of millions of dollars by reading their hole cards. Hellmuth defended himself by saying, "So a company has some low-level employees do some dishonest things that people don't know about for awhile. Do you blame everyone in the company for that?" Before the argument could escalate, a WSOP floorman intervened and gave each player a warning.

No, Phil, you're not responsible for the UltimateBet cheating scandal, but you're still a poker brat!