Saturday, July 11, 2009

Early Online Poker Cheat Bonomo Has Come a Long Way Since Cheating

Justin Bonomo´s poker career has come a long way since he (as "ZeeJustin") was implicated in several online poker multi-accounting cheat scams. In recent times, he has been doing his best to support the integrity of online poker as a Bodog online poker team member and he seems to be credible at this. But his real thrust forward has been as a professional poker tournament player. Bonomo has become a force at the WSOP and other major tournaments throughout the world, not only in no-limit hold'em but in a variety of poker games including Omaha Hi-Lo and pot limit events. In addition to having already earned more than $2 million in tournaments, he has been raking in the chips in cash games. The Bodog online poker team member is quickly becoming one of the top ten live poker players in the world.

And it appears he's doing all of this without cheating the poker tables!

Possessing a great intuitive poker brain and using a fearsomely aggressive style that he combines with his online poker skills, Bonomo is going to continue to be one of those special few poker players who can dominate both brick and mortar and online poker.

Let's just hope that his career as a poker cheat is over!