Monday, August 19, 2019

Is Cheating Baccarat in Macau and Asia Overrated?

Macau Baccarat-Cheating Overrated?
We all know by now the tons of baccarat scams, some with inside help from dealers and floor staffs, that have plagued Macau and other parts of Asia for more than 15 years now.

We all know as well the huge dominance that baccarat has over all table games in Asia.

We also know that there are "other" table games in Asian casinos. Are these games sometimes "under" game-protected because so much cheating attention is paid to high rolling VIP baccarat tables?

Although I am not a statistics guy, let's take a look at some statistics. I do not know what percent baccarat tables are of total table games in Macau. I have read as much as 88%, but since I have never been there I do not know if this is accurate. What I do know is that it seems cheating news coming out of Macau is at least 88% baccarat.

But don't be fooled by the numbers!

I happen to know one thing for sure, and you can take it to the bank no matter who tells you I am wrong. That is that roulette is by far the most cheated game in the world, EVEN in Macau!

Sounds ridiculous, right?


If you turn the tables on the numbers, like that twice mentioned 88%, you will find that even in Macau roulette is cheated more than baccarat as far as percentage is concerned. That is when you take total roulette cheating incidents per roulette table vs total baccarat cheating incidents per bacarat table. In fact, roulette wins by a large margin, even in Asia. Then add to that the fact that the percentage of roulette cheat moves that go undetected is by far greater than baccarat cheat moves that go undetected, ESPECIALLY in Macau.

How do I know this without ever having been inside a Macua casino? Because I cheated both games for 25 years and there are just too many ways to cheat at roulette.

If you have trouble believing this, ask the fine surveillance team at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. They have busted many big roulette cheating scams and they will tell you firsthand how prolific roulette cheating is there.

Of course the baccarat scams, especially the inside ones, take the huge chunks of money and publicity. But professional roulette-cheat teams read about this as well and take advantage to attack Asian roulette wheels.

From a personal point of view, I have trained several dozen casinos in a dozen different countries in all areas of game protection and have never seen a single casino properly protecting their wheels. When I say this I mean from a professional cheat's point of view. I imagine this is also the case in Macau.

As far as blackjack goes, I would guess that the overall Asian cheating rate would not be much different than it is in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and other US casinos. In Europe it is slightly less due to the difference of the European deal.

Finally, I am not at all saying that surveillance departments in Macau are paying less attention to the other games than they should be. I have no way of knowing that. I do not have any casino clients there nor do I have any real contacts there. I only know what I know from a thorough knowledge base of casino cheating and game protection that applies everywhere.

The real message here to surveillance and table games staffs here is simple: Don't forget or lessen Game Protection for the "other" games.