Thursday, September 06, 2018

Playing Card Manufacturer Released from Liability in Ivey Edge-Sorting Case

Off the hook!
The Borgata Hotel and Casino has dropped its claim of expressed warranty breach against Gemaco Inc., the card-maker who supplied the cards Ivey and his partner Cheung Yin Sun edge-sorted to beat the Borgata casino out of some $10 million, which a New Jersey court ruled they had to return.

To read more about edge sorting and the details of the edge-sorting scam Ivey and Sun used to be casinos, simply search out more articles on this blog by entering "Edge-sorting baccarat cheating scam" or "Phil Ivey baccarat scam."

Two Roulette-Wheel-Clocking Pioneers Inducted into Casino Cheats Hall of Fame

Richard Jarecki
Richard Jarecki and Joseph Jagger, two tremendous pains in the asses to European and American casinos who assaulted their roulette wheels by simply clocking their performances to note imperfections they could exploit, have been inducted to the Casino Cheats Hall of Fame.

Both with extremely colorful histories, they are the 32nd and 33rd casino cheats to be bestowed with this honor.

Joseph Jagger