Thursday, March 08, 2018

Casino Dealer Post: The Pastposting Slide...or The Sliding Pastpost...By Michael Tabasco, ex-Atlantic City Craps Dealer/Supervisor

The Ol' Sliding Pastpost
So this is a craps move that is not so obvious other than the fact that you won't hear the dice crack the layout and / or the size of the pastpost bet "SHOULD" alarm some people, especially the base dealer and the box person...however, sometimes, because they don't really know what happened, it just gets paid. 

Here goes....... Three players walk up to a game, but they need to have specific spots. Two players are on either side of the stick man, the other player will position himself next to the base dealer. The player next to the stick man and on the same side (let's say left side, 3rd base for craps people) as the "arm" or pastpost player, is just a 5 dollar or 10 dollar player. The player on the other side of the stick man is the "resident drunk", a guy that appears to be intoxicated, not necessarily betting any big increments either. He will be disruptive, reaching onto the layout right before the dice leave the shooter's hand on the other side, and he does it before the move so as not to raise suspicion...the thinking is this guy is a problem but not enough to throw him off the game, he's just an amateur reaching in late and kind of inebriated... 

So here is the move... The player on the opposite side of the disruptive guy (other side of the stick man) now gets the dice. He shoots the dice normally maybe once........all of a sudden, he goes to shoot the dice again, the disruptive character reaches into the base dealer's layout or into the field, and lo and behold, the shooter slides the dice down the table, preferably on aces or ace/deuce...if they are really greedy they will slide them on aces...Why? 

Because the player next to 3rd base places a late bet into either the don't come line or even the field, depending if the base dealer on his side "hawks" at the commotion on the other side, which he normally will do on a weak crew.....

The windup is nobody can see what happens, the base dealer where the disruptive guy is is too busy telling him sir, sir, no bet ! Hands back ! and most likely the box person as well...point is, with the guy leaning over, they can't really see the dice land (in this case slide) and you have a "Call it" come from the stick man, and sure enough, the next thing you hear is "two crap aces"...when it should have been no roll.... 

Now, on the opposite side, shooter side, the "big" player has pastposted in the field or don't come with a real large bet. When I caught this move at the Taj Mahal, the guy tried it with 5k in purple....I was on the floor and actually had my back turned...but how did I catch it ? I didn't hear the dice crack the I just reached in, took the bet, and put it in the middle....the box person was buried, had no idea, and neither did any of the three dealers.... 

These guys practice this move and they get it down pretty well.... It will happen over and over again, and they will get paid most of the time because, like I indicated earlier, if you have weak help at the supervisory level in a craps pit, they will pay the bet in lieu of getting in a jackpot with management.... 

It happens pretty quick and the only way you can really catch it is if you understand that the dice have to tumble...even if you don't see the dice go down the layout all the way, if you don't hear them hit the layout, it's no roll.....that and, of course, the base dealer on the pastposter's side has to watch his own end....but with the ruckus going on in the other end, they typically "hawk" it and that's when they get pastposted..... 

Bottom line is, the shooter slides either one of both dice and they actually pass under the guy creating the ruckus..... Two things to concentrate on, the base dealer on the past poster's side, or late bet in the field or don't come side, MUST FOLLOW STANDARD POLICY AND PROCEDURE, i.e., watching his on end and not "hawking the dice" on the other side, which, if you watch crap games and dealers, you'll frequently see them "peek" down the other end of the table...this is a BIG NO NO, for obvious reasons...that's how they get past posted. Additionally, if the shooter even manages to only slide one die on aces, e.g., it's a fifty shot that that it's a winner in the field (the other die landing on 1, 2, or 3 is a winner in the field), plus, if the guy bets the don't come, he's got a 50/50 shot that he either gets paid (1 or 2 on the non sliding die) or, if the non sliding die lands on 3, he goes behind the 4 and still has a 2 to 1 advantage that 7 will roll before 4 rolls

(To me, Richard Marcus) Hope this was a good story for you's a real move...LOL

My take: I love it!...even if I'm a bit confused LOL!

Monday, March 05, 2018

Casino Personnel Post: "Quick Craps Shot" by Seven-out

Watch those call bets!
Craps shot 

I’d like to preface this shot by saying that there is a rule taught to our craps crew that there are NO CALL BETS.  Meaning, someone cannot walk up to the table with no money in their hand and CALL for $6 six. BUT, we also teach them that if you do see the chips/cash, you can book the bet verbally.  

With that said, "Player Big Shot" walks up to the craps game holding a very large stack of money and CALLS, “Fifty four across” …. the dealer sees the money and books the bet and repeats verbatim … “fifty four across, bet!”  The roll is eight.  The dealer sets up $12 on the eight and starts to cut out the $14 payout.  Player Big Shot says, “Nope, I wanted $5400 across and you owe me $1400!”  You could bet that if the roll was seven Player Big Shot would have dropped $54 on the layout and walked away.  This went all the way up before it was resolved and they ended up giving him the $1400.  

The lesson to all dealers here is you must use the word “dollars” when booking any bet.  If the dealer would have said, “Fifty four dollars across, bet!”  There would have been no shot. 

My take: I think the game-protection lesson here speaks for itself!