Friday, November 16, 2018

Another Connecticut Casino Insider Scam nets Cheating Dealer Probation

Mohegan Sun...More insider cheating
The player/agent, who had previously worked at the same casino for nearly two decades, got a year in prison.

It all happened on the blackjack tables at the Mohegan Sun casino, and like nearly always, it was a rinky-dink scam where the dealer, fifty-five-year-old Roy Mariano, simply overpaid the player, Marlene Rivera, many times when she won her hand. According to accounts I have read on this, there was nothing more than that going on. And their total take was nearly $80,000!

Imagine that...a simple overpay-scam taking down eighty grand! I don't know how long they were running it, nor do I know why the casino's surveillance department didn't catch it quickly, assuming that it went on for awhile. I mean, they had to be doing this for at least heavy green and black-chip action to get that kind of money out off  the tables.

It is just truly amazing all the insider scams that have happened at the two major Connecticut casinos over the years, the other of course being Foxwoods. I am not going to blame table-games staffs, nor am I going to blame surveillance departments. I guess the reason for this must be related to the simple fact that these two casinos are huge in size and congruent high-action, and cheating from the inside for several hundred dollars or a few thousand per night just stays under the radar.

Perhaps more details about this scam will emerge. If they do I will keep you posted.