Thursday, October 04, 2018

Meet Terry Roses! Then learn how to spot marked cards in live casinos!

Training wih Terry and Steve Hamilton
I just met Terry Roses at the 2018 Upper Midwest Intelligence Gathering (UMIG), which is the intelligence unit of casino security and surveillance personnel for midwestern casinos. I was the main speaker there, scheduled for the second day of the two-day conference. I had no intention of being there the first day, until a Minnesota surveillance director emailed me about a guy who was going to do a presentation that first day all about identifying marked cards in casinos. 
That guy was Terry Roses, and after hearing about his "secret lab," I became so intrigued that I made a last minute change of airline tickets to be able to get there in time to see Terry's presentation the day before mine.
And boy was it some presentation! The best and most interesting I´ve ever attended at any game protection conference. Terry perfectly presented his material, interweaving his own life and how he developed a keen interest in marked cards with that of displaying several casino-cheating gadgets and finally his own invention, which is a fabulous little handheld gizmo with which ALL daub card-markings can be seen and identified on the spot. I have been told by several high-profile surveillance executives in Las Vegas that it is the BEST DEVICE of its kind ever to hit the market.
I then had the unexpected pleasure of Terry helping me with my own presentation! He was tremendous!
And Terry, who goes by the name of the "honest cheat," is just that. I mean this guy is even more honest than he looks. He is also humble, so much so that he had to be pushed to aggresively market his product.
It is called the Inspecta Card Scanner and you can see it by making an appointment with Terry. Perhaps he'll show you his secret lab!
So I urge all surveillance departments that want to be able to detect marks on suspicious cards on the spot to get a hold of Terry's Inspecta Card Scanner. It will serve you well!