Thursday, July 12, 2018

Ex-NBA Star Charles Oakley Busted in Vegas for Cheating Casino! Accused of Pastposting and Pinching Bets.

Accused casino cheat Charles Oakley in better days
First thing I want to say is that I hope Charles Oakley didn't get his idea to cheat casinos from reading my website!

I'm serious. Although my website is meant to be educational and somewhat entertaining, I do not endorse casino-cheating in any way, shape or form, and I discourage people from cheating each and every time I am contacted by someone I think might be interested in cheating.

Oakley is accused of "pinching" a $100 chip from a betting table (I don't know which game) after realizing he had a losing bet at the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Casino. Pinching is the act of taking your losing chips off the table before the dealer can collect them for the casino. It can happen after a loss or when a player realizes he will probably lose, being at a disadvantage.

Some accounts state that Oakley was also "pastposting" bets, which is the opposite of pinching when a player adds chips to his bet after it won or when he realizes he probably will win the bet.

Oakley is not the first superstar athlete to be arrested for casino cheating. Back in April 2017, Australian rugby star Joe Ofahengaue was caught at the Treasury Casino in Brisbane for pastposting a $100 chip in a proprietary poker game, eerily similar to what Charles Oakley was arrested for.

My take: First thing that comes to mind is why Oakley would be involved in cheating a casino...and for a mere $100. I use the word "mere" because Oakley earned nearly $50 million during his prolific NBA career.

The first thing that comes to mind answering my question is gambling. Many high-profile athletes, especially NBA basketball players, have either admitted to or been alleged to being very heavy gamblers. I believe Charles Barkley has admitted to losing huge sums of money gambling while Michael Jordan has been alleged to have gambled for big money as well.

Perhaps Oakley had gotten himself into severe financial trouble through gambling. I sure hope not, but in any event this is indeed sad news.