Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Yet ANOTHER Insider-Dealer/Agents Baccarat Cheat Scam in Macau!

More tricky fingers at Macau bacc tables
It seems I'm copying and posting the same article every week!

Same old Macau Baccarat Cheat story: Crooked dealer teams up with wife/husband/friend or all of the aforementioned and helps them win on the baccarat tables.

And the amazing thing about it is the banality of the scams. You have to wonder what they're thinking in terms of how long they might get away with it.

This time, the dealer, like with all the other times, simply did not take her cohorts' losing bets when they lost, and sometimes even switched them to winning bets after they lost and made them winners, which she paid. (Yes it was a female dealer--Macau does not discriminate against cheating feminine dealers.)

I am not too familiar with the Macau dealers scene, but I imagine they earn a good living and should not have such a pressing reason to cheat and steal from their casinos. Maybe I'm wrong.

And maybe Macau's casinos are not properly vetting their dealers before hiring them.

Or maybe the dealers have picked up on internal game-protection weaknesses in their casinos and are simply exploiting them.

If you want the details of yet another redundant baccarat scam, you can read them in this article.