Friday, February 16, 2018

The Ol' False Shuffle Scam in a New Casino Bad-Beat Jackpot Scam

The Ol' false shuffle back again!
The Bad-Beat Poker Jackpot was set at more than $166,000, and sixty-six-year-old poker dealer Ashley Solomon and his fifty-one-year-old cheat-agent Dale Foret decided it was ripe enough for the taking. So Solomon set up the deck to give Foret a very high-value losing hand and some other player at the table who was not involved in the scam and even better one.

He then performed a false shuffle to protect the order of the cards set up.

The exact values of the hand were not disclosed. Usually, a bad-beat jackpot occurs when there is a losing hand of at least Aces-full. In some casinos the losing hand must be four of a kind or a straight flush.

Apparently, Solomon set up the cards right on the table in front of all the players, which leads me to believe that several had to be involved in the scam. It is quite difficult to set up an entire deck without any of the players noticing it.

As is routine each time a bad-beat jackpot is hit, casino surveillance reviews the video to see if there were any irregularities. They spotted the false shuffles and therefore expelled the jackpot and called the Louisiana State Police Enforcement Divsion, who arrested the couple.

BTW, even though each of the two poker cheats has a unisex name, they are both men.