Friday, February 16, 2018

North Korean Computer Hacker/Defector Reveals Army of North Korean Hackers Attacking Online Poker Sites From Their Base in China!

North Korean Army of Online Poker Hackers
I first blogged about this back in May of last year when reports of North Korean hackers breaching online poker began surfacing.

Now a North Korean hacker/defector calling himself "Jong" has gone public with his detailed story of an actual army of Korean leader Kim Jong Un's very skilled hackers sitting in wide rows and long columns in barren warehouses infiltrating online poker and casinos.

According to Jong, each hacker was personally responsible to send their leader Kim Jong Un at least US $100,000 per year of hacking proceeds.

 All this while they lived in deplorable conditions in downtrodden areas of Chinese cities.

Jong said they were treated like unskilled laborers and that their living conditions were so bad that many suffered from hunger and disease. He added that the mere thought of going south on the North Korean dictator with any money was inconceivable, of course only out of fear.

The North Korean Hacking Army did several things to pilfer money from online sites.

First, they just stole money outright.

Second, they garnered player-information and sold it to online poker cheats and collusion operations.

Third, they stole commercial software and used sophisticated bots to assemble multi-player assaults on online games.

Jong said the whole thing was torture and he couldn't take it anymore, so he risked his life to defect. 

My take: Well, maybe Jong can be of service to Western governments and supply valuable computer-hacking info to the CIA and other agencies???.