Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Golden Triangle Area Casino is Huge Den of Iniquity

Gateway to casino Iniquity
Those of us old enough to remember the days of the Vietnam War, the Golden Triangle was the name given to a corner of Southeast Asia where opium was cultivated to manufacture heroin. The three countries that formed the triangle were Laos, Burma and Thailand. This territory had a major impact on US forces who served in Vietnam, and it was not good one. It helped turn many US soldiers into heroin addicts.

Today the Golden Triangle is not much different. One of the countries, Burma, changed its name to Myanmar, but the triangle is still a den of iniquity.

Maybe even a bigger one!

Enter the Kings Romans Casino, a lavish casino resort built in 2007 by the Hong Kong company Kings Romans Group, who promised the Laotian government they would turn the area back into a paradise.

Well, they sure did.

Like any other lush casino resort in Vegas or Macau, hundreds of heavy gamblers can be seen wagering thousands on each hand of baccarat. World class restaurants, facilities and swimming pools drool over the complex. All the luxuries that can be bestowed on man.

But let's not forget the women. They are one of the luxuries bestowed on the men there. World class and very expensive prostitutes from all the nearby Asian countries are readily available to the highest bidders.

So are the drugs. Not just heroin, but cocaine, hashish, methamphetamines--you name it, Kings Romans´s got it for sale.

So the new glitzy Golden Triangle of the twenty-first century has picked up just where the old one left off. You can read lots more about this place here.