Friday, January 05, 2018

Which Forms of Casino Cheating Dominated the World's Casinos in 2017

Cheating Hands all over Roulette
You know that in the real-estate business the three key words for success are "location, location, location."

In the casino-cheating business the three key words for success are "roulette, roulette, roulette."

Yes, it is the game of roulette that is cheated the most in the world's casinos, not baccarat as the highly recent publicized baccarat scams may have led you to believe. And it is roulette by far and away.

And it is roulette in practically all casino venues across the world, even those where other games such as blackjack and baccarat are far more popular than roulette. The reason why roulette cheating is so dominant in casinos is because there are just so many ways to cheat at roulette. The spectrum goes from simple bet-capping and pastposting to chip-color-out and advanced "pinching" scams, such as the casino-world-famous Savannah scam.

As far as insider-dealer scams where casino dealers team up with their agents to cheat the casinos they work at, the distance between roulette cheating and cheating the other games narrows, but cheating at roulette still wins the race. And one thing I can say for sure is that the audacity some cheating roulette dealers display in ripping off the house is just dazzling. I still see, and more often than you might think, roulette dealers marking losing numbers as winners and paying off their agents while the supervisor's back is turned and the surveillance people upstairs are not monitoring the roulette games at that particular moment.

The biggest roulette scams on the outside continue to be pastposting and color-out scams where the players hoard roulette chips from one table and then color them out at other tables for a higher denomination than they bought in for.

Don't expect the roulette cheating domination to end in fact, don't expect it to end any year soon.