Friday, December 29, 2017

Separation of Game Protection and Terrorism/Mass Shootings...Please!

Just Game Protection...ONLY!
We all know that the number-one horror story in Las Vegas, and in the entire United States for that matter, during the year 2017 was the terrible mass-shooting committed by Stephan Paddock. Fifty-nine people died and hundreds more were wounded in this unbelievable senseless act of terror.

The shooting also seemed to be the number-one story for casino game-protection websites, especially those operating from Las Vegas.

I certainly appreciate the loss of life, destruction of lives and the terrible suffering that this tragic event caused, and I certainly appreciate the roles that casino surveillance and security must play in order to better prepare for these types of events and maybe even possibly stop them before they actually happen.

But what I am not so sure about is that terrorism and mass-murder, whether it be internationally inspired or the work of some madman (or in Paddock's case a seemingly sane guy seeking revenge for gambling losses), should be so directly related to all the topics and practices that fall under the umbrella of what we call "Casino Game Protection."

I have followed just about everything online about casino game-protection since I first got involved in it after a 25-year-career cheating casinos that culminated in my writing a book about my experiences doing so. For the first few years during my transition from an interested person to an active participant in game-protection (I am now actually a game-protection consultant working for casinos), game-protection simply meant protecting casino games from cheats and advantage players. It was nothing more than training casinos how to protect their table games and slot machines from those looking to take advantage of weak casino internal-control and whatever other flaws to take money out of the casino cages.

But that began to change, and now, at least it seems to me, the number-one talked about issue in the casino game-protection world is the Las Vegas mass-shooting that occurred on October 1st.

I repeat my understanding of the importance of better preparation and the need for  better police and surveillance tactics to combat these horrible events that have become all too real, not only in Las Vegas but in the entire world.

But how much of this is really casino game protection?

I see online that several Las Vegas based "game protection" consultants, experts and professors are all giving their opinions on the mass-shooting on a daily basis, if not several times and tweets per day. This is all fine and well, but perhaps this should be in its own particular forum. Maybe it should be called "casino client-safety protection" or "casino anti-violence protection," anything that separates it from what is simple casino game protection.

And people who currently work in the casino game-protection industry can certainly participate and give their opinions on what can be done to improve clientele safety in casinos in the face of all these attacks, but at least let it be done under the proper aegis.

I realize that some people might get pissed off reading this article, but my point is simply to keep casino game-protection casino game-protection--that is: how to protect our gaming tables and slot machines against cheats and advantage players. Let the very valid discussions of how to fight terrorism and mass-shootings in casino areas be labeled as they should be.

And finally, for those organizations who wish to contribute to both casino game-protection and casino client-safety protection, come up with a proper name and heading for what your organization is.