Thursday, November 16, 2017

6 Steps Casino Surveillance Practices to Weed Out Casino and Poker Cheats

They see you coming!
Today's casinos do everything they can to stop the cheat and advantage-players, including steps that take place before cheats and APs even enter the casino. Six of them are listed below.   

1)  License Plate Recognition Technology: Casinos take digital photos of all vehicle license plates as they enter the property. So if you're a known casino cheat or poker cheat and you arrive at the casino with a vehicle registered in your own name, you're sure as hell giving the casino a head start!

2) Biometric Face Recognition: It's the same thing as the license plate recognition except it's your face that's being recognized by the cameras. Then the photo is compared to the photos in the casino's database, and if you're a match, you're again giving the casino a head start.

3) Angel Eye Technology: This is not about your car or your face; it's a sensor embedded in card shoes that track the cards as they're dealt and relay the info to a computer. So if the results of the hand at the table don't agree with results showing up on the computer screen, you're in trouble if you're the one causing the deviation.

4) RFID Technology: These radio frequency identification chips are embedded in the casino chips and allow the casinos to follow their chips on and off the tables, wherever they go inside the casino's range. So if you're claiming you bet more than you bet or less than you bet, all the casino has to do is check the monitor and see how much you actually did bet.

5) TableEye21: An overhead video camera records the action and then with special software that analyzes the data in conjunction with the RFID technology, it matches the video feed with real-time information of the cards being dealt and the chips being wagered. This paints a pretty good picture of what happens on the tables that is very difficult to alter after the fact.

6) NORA Technology: Another high-tech software package that allows suspicious casino bosses to connect members of casino-cheating teams or advantage-play teams who are trying to make them think they are not playing or cheating together and don't even know each other. It makes a non-obvious relationship awareness very obvious when the casino bosses learn that two or more people winning big at the table while seemingly not knowing each other are actually neighbors and went to the same high-school.

My take: Well, not all casinos have all of these weapons but most have at least some of them. While the gaming-table technology seems really effective, I am less convinced by the face-recognition technology, especially if the cheats and APs go through the bother of disguising themselves.