Friday, January 27, 2017

Who Really Cares About Artificial Intelligence Computers Beating Poker Players?

Poker Players Against AI
Like many of you, I have been reading a lot about this artificial intelligence poker player called AI who's beating the world's best poker players at special tournaments set-up just for this purpose. I ask myself who is interested in this crap anyway? In fact, the whole scene reminds me of chess computers and backgammon computers that work on the same principles as the poker AI computer. You can read all about AI here.

But who really cares about this stuff? Unless AI can be used by poker cheaters in live games, I don't see the interest in it. We of course already know that AI or other intelligent poker bots can win at online poker, but up until now I have not heard of any attempts to somehow get an AI player into a live poker cash game or tournament, and unless we do see such attempts, the whole AI poker thing is just going to be another case of backgammon and chess computers matching human manufactured wits against humans themselves.

Let me know what you think.