Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Vegas Mass Murderer Paddock's Motive Appears to be Related to Gambling Losses

Back on October 16, I wrote an article about what I thought was Stephen Paddock´s motive for mass-murdering 58 innocent people and wounding hundreds more in Las Vegas on October 1st. As deranged as he had to be to commit such a heinous act, the reason appeared quite obvious to me once it was reported that Paddock had no terrorism connection and had left no communication explaining his act.

And what really made the case for me was that he had been losing heavily playing Las Vegas video poker machines. He was also losing some of his high-living comps at the casinos, which must have aggravated him greatly.

So I wrote that his motive had to be an attack on the Las Vegas establishment itself, not on the people who were killed and injured. In other words, Paddock was pissed off about losing his money and decided to make Las Vegas pay for it.

Those of you who read my post may have been surprised by my summation but recently this article appeared in the Las Vegas Review Journal. It supports my theory, and unless or until some other viable theory comes to light, it is a fact that Stephen Paddock murdered and wounded all those people simply because he was enraged about his massive gambling losses.