Thursday, November 30, 2017

Russian Backgammon Cheat Busted in Las Vegas for Dice-Sliding at Craps

Sliding Dice
Well, this should not be surprising as backgammon and craps have one very important thing in common: that of course being the usage of dice. But what is surprising as hell, at least to me, is that dice-sliding actually works.

It is so damn easy to stop!

But 44-year-old Badri Tsertsvadze, who hails from the republic of Georgia, has managed to get away with dice-sliding for quite a long time in the world's casinos including Las Vegas. He was, however, busted this month for the same at the Flamingo casino on the Vegas strip.

He was charged with 18 counts of cheating at gambling (I imagine each count is for a dice-slide) and booked into jail with a $90,000 bail, which is certainly high for a casino-cheating  crime.

Tsertsvadze obviously has loads of international gambling-cheat experience. Back in 2008 he was arrested for using loaded dice in a Normandy, France backgammon tournament. He is also suspected of doing the same in two other European backgammon tournaments he won.

I don't have any info on how much Tsertsvadze dice-slid the Flamingo for but I imagine it is a significant amount given the high bail.

Back in September of this year, two Bulgarians were arrested after allegedly dice-sliding their way to more than a million dollars on a Caribbean cruise ship. There have also been major dice-sliding casino-cheating incidents in Louisiana and other US casinos.

It just amazes me that this scam repeatedly works when it is so damn easy to stop!