Monday, October 16, 2017

Could the recent Las Vegas Massacre have had anything to do with Casino Gambling or Cheating?

Normally I do not stray off course when writing articles for this blog, mainly sticking to topics that are directly related to casino cheating or casino advantage play. But sometimes I do, and this will be one of those times.

We are all interested in what could have propelled Stephen Paddock to commit such a horrific crime and take the lives of so many people and injure hundreds more. We have not heard of any connections to white supremacist groups or international terrorist organizations, or anything else that could have driven him to take revenge against someone or something.

However, we have heard that some big-time gambling and big-time gambling losses have played a significant part in Paddock's confusing past. In fact, it has been reported in the media that Paddock has claimed that he'd lost in excess of a million dollars gambling in casinos in a single year.

It has also been established that Paddock unsuccessfully sued the Cosmopolitan casino for $100,000 in damages after he fell and injured himself in a casino. The casino was able to prove that scores of other people did not fall where Paddock had. Perhaps Paddock hatched this scheme to get back some of the money he lost gambling?

So could any of this have played a part in his motive?

Well, I have heard about gamblers losing lots of money, in some cases everything: meaning their homes, savings and family. Some of these people do flip out and do crazy things. Some of them blame the casinos, falsely accusing them of luring them to gamble away their life savings at their tables--as if they had a gun to his head.

And some of them take a twisted form of revenge, going as far as to say the casinos cheated them out of their money, which is altogether ridiculous

And perhaps Paddock had another gripe to pick with casinos for not being found legally responsible for  his fall.

I sure hope this has nothing to do with Paddock's motive; I'm sure the Las Vegas casinos hope so as well, as this type of revelation would be severely damaging to their public relations.

And even though I doubt at the end that this is somehow behind Paddock's motive, unfortunately it is entirely possible--given the fact that no clear motive has been established or released by any investigative authority.