Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Casino Cheat Phil Ivey Finally Shit Outta Luck!

Did he sort those cards too?
It now appears that poker and casino cheating legend Phil Ivey has finally lost, WITH finality, his bid to recoup the $10 million he cheated out of Crockfords Casino in London. He and his female casino-cheat partner, Cheung Yin Sun, used a technique known as edge-sorting to cheat Crockfords as well as the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City and several others.World-wide they may have earned as much as $40 million.

The Borgata is currently suing Ivey and Sun to recoup the $12 million they paid the pair.

I, for one, am pleased that the decision went against Ivey. I do not appreciate his claim that was he did was not only not cheating, it was not dishonest. He claimed that since he never touched the cards in play, he did not cheat. But what he never mentioned is how he manipulated the dealers to turn the cards for him so that Sun could read the deformed edges in order to identify their values.

He claimed he was superstitious and the cards had to be in a certain position to allay his fears of losing. And he used his celebrity to get the casino to comply

This is clearly a form of casino-cheating as the procedure of the game is changed to accommodate a player advantage. Had Ivey simply taken advantage of the defective cards and not influenced the dealers to help him gain the advantage, than I agree he would have had a case for not-cheating.

So to all you bleeding-heart advantage-play enthusiasts out there who bought Ivey´s bullshit, I say to you, "Take it down the road, jerkoffs!"