Friday, September 22, 2017

Bizarre Tail of Casino-Cheating-Robbery aboard Cruise Ship while docked in Greece.

Cruise Casino-Cheat Lawyer? 
The online news account posted by a maritime lawyer reports that two Bulgarian men aboard an unnamed cruise ship won over a million dollars in the ship's casino and were later robbed of much of that money by two cruise ship officers, who then said that the Bulgarians cheated to gain the money and they were simply recovering the ill-gotten gains for the cruise line, which is not identified either.

Sounds like a bad movie, right?

Local Greek police supposedly arrested the two cruise ship officers, who claimed they committed no crime.

My first question is: Did this really happen?

My second is: Why is this being reported by Jim Walker, a partner in the maritime law firm Walker and O'neill based in Miami? Perhaps it is just a ploy to gain some business.

But what I am really wondering is whether or not this happened?

If it really did, it is a major story...and I would sure love to know how two guys cheated a cruise ship casino out of more than a million bucks! Cruise ships are not generally known for even legitimate action that could result in such winnings, besides maybe slot jackpots.

So if anyone out there can enlighten me about this story, please do!