Monday, November 28, 2016

Interesting New Home Poker Games Cheating Device

Poker Home Games Cheat Kit
A Google researher claims he has found a sophisticated cheating method by which poker cheats can see your hole cards by using a specially adapted mobile phone and deck of cards. The Google employee reportedly paid $1,300 for the equipment he bought on a Chinese website. It's a mobile phone equipped with a high-density digital camera and LED lights which allow the device to read line-codes inked to the back of specially doctored cards that look like any normal pack of cards to the naked eye.

If the phone is set within scanning range of the deck, the device will tell you what cards your opponents are holding via earphones. The researcher claims it has a better than 95% accuracy rate, and if you are playing where cell phones are not allowed on the table, you can purchase the same equipment in the form of  a set of car keys with the deciphering discs inside them.

However, using this type of equipment would be dangerous in modern casino cardrooms, where the device could be detected, but in simple home games they can be used to really clean house.

My take. This is yet another form of high-tech card-marking that comes with both rewards and risks. The most important thing to remember is that if you are caught with such a device in most casino jurisdictions, you will end up with serious felony charges against you and probably prison time.