Saturday, November 19, 2016

So Who is Casino Cheat-Catcher B.C. and What does he Have to Say about Richard Marcus?

Was this guy the best?
Veteran casino journalist and ace writer for Cigar Aficionado Magazine Michael Kaplan has recently written a feature entitled "Cheater Catcher," in which he profiles some bad-ass casino security/surveillance detective who is putting some serious casino cheats and casino cheating teams out of business and behind bars.

In the article, B.C., which is an acronym for "Beating Cheaters," describes how he gets his thrills catching and helping to prosecute big-time cheats as well as how he picks up on them and their moves. He talks about several notorious cheats, but gives biggest mention to you-know-who...yours truly.

 I have linked to the article above and you can read it and form your own opinion. What he says about me is very complimentary, and he has high praise for my famous Savannah move. The only problem is that either B.C. or the writer Michael Kaplan screwed up because the move described in the article is not my Savannah move but rather my "ten-oh-five" blackjack move, and even it is far from accurately depicted.

 But in spite of the mistakes, I will take prideful pleasure in being considered by B.C. as perhaps the greatest casino cheat in history! But I take offense in his saying he caught me (or maybe that is Kaplan's mistake). No one ever caught me...SO LET THAT RECORD BE CLEAR!

 Now, who is B.C. really? I don't know but if I had to guess, it's a guy named James Hartley, whom I met at the 2007 World Game Protection Conference where I was the keynote speaker. Hartley showed me his files on me and my moves, and he certainly had the "lock 'em up" appearance and attitude.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Australian Woman Sues Crown Casino for Casino Cheating! Well, not Really.

Dolphin Treasure Slot Machine
However, it is a suit that can be interpreted as casino cheating by a casnio.

The woman, Shonica Guy, is suing both Crown Casino and the slot-machine maker Aristocrat Leisure LTD, claiming both the casino and the slot machine in question are misinforming players about their chances of winning. The machine, called Dolphin Treasure, is located at Crown's flagship casino in Melbourne, Australia,

Ms. Guy claims that the advertising around the machine says it has five reels with the same number of characters, but one column had more, which according to the plainfiff lowers the chances of winning, thus giving the player a false expected value of what the rate of return would be on monies bet.

Lawyers for both Crown Casino and Aristocrat Leisure have declined comment.

Whatever the outcome, this is the first known case of a player suing a casino over the design and advertising of any casnio device.

My take: Well,this is another problem among mounting problems concerning the image and integrity of Crown Casino, which is already known for the largest insider cheat scam in history where dishonest employees ripped off baccarat tables for more than $40 million. Recently 18 Crown Casino employees were arrested in China for illegally promoting gambling junkets to their casino.

As far as the suit itself goes, Ms. Guy will not receive any damages, and she is not asking for any. So I imagine that the casino and slot company will correct the advertising and promotion surrounding the Dolphin Treasure slot machine very quickly.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Who Are the New Wave Casino and Poker Cheats?

The Turks.

Yes, it's no longer the Russians and the Chinese. The Turks are scamming casinos worldwide at a startling pace, and these Turkish cheats are good!

Uglier and even better!
Their main casino-cheating ground is Europe, mainly the UK, France and Monaco, where they duped several Monte Carlo casinos out of millions by simple roulette chip-color-up scams. They have also hit UK casinos with many bold roulette scams, including one where they actually grabbed the spinning roulette ball and placed it on their own winning number...with lots of distractions, of course.

Most of these Turkish casino cheats have adopted the UK as their second home and become naturalized citizens. Doing so makes it much easier for them to gain entry to European casinos that require membership in order to enter.

They have also preyed on Singapore's casinos, which is more or less a requirement for any international casino-cheat team.

As far as Turkish casino-cheat and poker-cheat activity in US casinos goes, it is on the rise but not yet as significant as the damage they're doing in European casinos.

The Turk casino cheats are also major players in online poker cheating as well.

Canada's Casino Rama Newest Canadian Casino Hack Victim

Nice place to get your data hacked
It's now happened twice in one year to a Canadian casino. First it was the River Cree Casino earlier in the year. Now Casino Rama.

In both casino-cheat hacking cases, malware was used to gain access through casino advertisements.  The results were that hundreds of casino customer's personal records were exposed, mainly credit cards, pin numbers and passwords, all of which can cost these victims at lot more money and aggravation than what they might experience at the casinos' gaming tables.

The first big fallout from all this is a $50 million class-action lawsuit against Casino Rama. Lawyers for the casino will try to claim immunity since the casino is owned by the Chippewa Frist Nation and not a regular Canadian corporation.

To read the full details of this case, go here.

Talk About Audacious Roulette Cheat Scams!

Place the ball yourself and win!
I have heard about quite a few of these, everything from throwing water at the dealer's face in order to distract for a pastposted bet to trying to tilt the roulette table like an old pinball machine to get the ball to drop in a preferred winning number, but this latest one takes the cake!

How 'bout a roulette cheat going right to the spinning ball and placing it himself on the number he'd bet on. Sounds impossible, right?


Two British casino cheats figured out just how to do it and quickly beat a UK casino for more than fifteen grand in just four spins.

And they almost got away with it. The only problem was that they didn't sufficiently block out the overhead casino cameras that filmed it all.

Read all the details of this entertaining roulette cheat scam here.