Saturday, November 05, 2016

Casino Cheat to World's Best Pickpocket?

Casino Cheat to Pickpocket?
I recently received an email from a reader of this blog who linked me to this very interesting article in the New Yorker magazine. It relates the story of a man, Apollo Robbins, who is considered the world's best pickpocket and his early beginnings as a casino cheat. The blog reader told me that the article reminded him of me, that he noted certain similarities between my life as a casino cheat and Mr. Robbins' as a pickpocket, both of us using advanced psychology.

I found the article quite interesting, though I must concede that the talents of Mr. Robbins' far exceed those of my own. Much more sleight of hand and deceptive tactics are needed to successfully get into people's pockets than into casinos' cages...Well, I'm not so sure about that!

Let me know what you think.