Monday, October 10, 2016

Hotel Room Poker Scandal Takes Place in China

The Marker
A favovite of conspiring poker cheats who do not like risking their asses by cheating inside casinos and public cardrooms is to set up their poker cheat scams and victims inside hotel rooms. This tactic, made infamous by the 2007 Atlantic City Borgota Hotel Room Scam, which implicated ex-anti casino-cheat game protection consultant Steve Forte, has surfaced once again in the Chinese city of Dali.

I do not know if this Dali poker-cheat scam was as artistically drawn up as a tableau by the famous painter of the same name, but it did hook a sucker for around ten grand!

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My take: Well, setting up a poker scam in a hotel room that is not on a casino property should be a lot less riskier for the poker cheats involved, but these cheats were pretty damn stupid in as much as they hung out in the hotel room after the scam was done, and when the victim reported his suspicions and brought the police to the scene of the scam, they found boxes of marked cards as well as the special contact lenses used to see the markings on the cards.