Friday, August 26, 2016

Online Poker Cheat Sorel Mizzi Banned from PokerStars Again!

This Cheat Has Nine Lives!
Online Poker Cheat/Player Sorel Mizzi has been banned from PokerStars again.

This time it was for using a virtual private network to hide the fact he was playing online poker in the United States, which is illegal according to US federal law.

Mizzi did not deny the facts. He said simply, “I decided to take a risk and play online poker from the United States.”

He also openly admitted that he used some other player’s account, which is also a violation of PokerStars rules. He added to that that he used a virtual private network from his residence in Las Vegas to play in last year’s World Championship of Online Poker.

Then he finished off his comments with, “I can’t play on the site for a couple of years.”

Sounds like he’s just shrugging off his entire online poker cheat history.

Mizzi has been banned by many sites over the past few years, and he appears to take it all in stride, as if being banned is just a by-product of doing business.

My take: Well, until some harsh measures, like forfeiture of funds in misrepresented accounts, are taken, Sorel Mizzi is going to continue his online cheating ways—and continue making serious cash.