Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Top 10 Land-Based Casino and Poker Cheat Moves

During the calender year 2015, these ten cheat moves in casinos and poker rooms were the most popular among qualified professional poker cheats and casino cheats. This does not include advantage play methods at blackjack such as card-counting and ace-steering.

1) Poker Collusion
2) Blackjack Hole-Carding
3) Bet-Capping at Blackjack (adding chips to winning or probable-winning bet)
4) Pastposting at Roulette (making original bet after outcome determined)
5) Roulette Chip Fraud (manipulating values of non-redeemable roulette chips)
6) Bet-Capping at Roulette
7) Bet-Capping at Craps
8) Pastposting at Blackjack
9) Bet Sliding at Baccarat (moving bet from losing box to winning box)
10) Pastposting at Craps

Numbers one and two on the list are easy to understand since they are virtually risk-free. Even though casinos and poker rooms consider collusion and hole-carding as cheating, the courts in Nevada and other casino jurisdictions do not. So why wouldn't professional cheats take advantage of this kind of "free shot" at casinos?

Note that all the high-tech scams using electonic and laser equipment do not appear on the list. This is because pro cheats tend to avoid them like the plague. Almost all casino jurisdictions treat cheating that involves equipment as major felonies and judges routinely had out prison sentences to those convicted of it.