Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Who Are the New Wave Casino and Poker Cheats?

The Turks.

Yes, it's no longer the Russians and the Chinese. The Turks are scamming casinos worldwide at a startling pace, and these Turkish cheats are good!

Uglier and even better!
Their main casino-cheating ground is Europe, mainly the UK, France and Monaco, where they duped several Monte Carlo casinos out of millions by simple roulette chip-color-up scams. They have also hit UK casinos with many bold roulette scams, including one where they actually grabbed the spinning roulette ball and placed it on their own winning number...with lots of distractions, of course.

Most of these Turkish casino cheats have adopted the UK as their second home and become naturalized citizens. Doing so makes it much easier for them to gain entry to European casinos that require membership in order to enter.

They have also preyed on Singapore's casinos, which is more or less a requirement for any international casino-cheat team.

As far as Turkish casino-cheat and poker-cheat activity in US casinos goes, it is on the rise but not yet as significant as the damage they're doing in European casinos.

The Turk casino cheats are also major players in online poker cheating as well.