Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Talk About Audacious Roulette Cheat Scams!

Place the ball yourself and win!
I have heard about quite a few of these, everything from throwing water at the dealer's face in order to distract for a pastposted bet to trying to tilt the roulette table like an old pinball machine to get the ball to drop in a preferred winning number, but this latest one takes the cake!

How 'bout a roulette cheat going right to the spinning ball and placing it himself on the number he'd bet on. Sounds impossible, right?


Two British casino cheats figured out just how to do it and quickly beat a UK casino for more than fifteen grand in just four spins.

And they almost got away with it. The only problem was that they didn't sufficiently block out the overhead casino cameras that filmed it all.

Read all the details of this entertaining roulette cheat scam here.