Friday, September 23, 2016

Yet Another Casino-Chip-Color-Up Roulette Scam

Same Colors Different Values
It just keeps happening.

The seemingly ridiculous roulette scam where one player buys in for a color of minimum-denomination roulette chips, then holds on to a few while cashing out the rest, then passes those kept to a roulette-cheat partner who buys in for the same color chips at a different table for a higher denominaion, and then upon cashing those out, mixes in the chips received from the original cheat.

And it just keeps working.

The cheat scheme usually sees the first roulette cheat buying fifty-cent or one-dollar roulette chips while the second roulette cheat cashes out a handful of them at another table as twenty-five-dollar roulette chips.

So the profit is $24 per chip.

A skilled roulette cheat team working a busy night in a big casino with lots of roulette tables can make off with several thousand dollars during a single shift.

The latest instance of this roulette color-up scam resulting in a bust occurred at the L'auberge Casino in Baton Rouge Louisiana. The reported take was  nearly $5,000 and the person responsible was twenty-eight-year-old Emiliano Rodriguez of the Bronx, NY, where a large number of these roulette color-up cheats come from.

The roulette cheat scam is generally done at Native American Casinos or in Riverboat Casino districts where roulette scammers believe casino security and surveillance is less efficient than in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Ohio casinos have been especially hard hit by this roulette scam the  past few years.

And, unbelievably, the majority of these scams go unnoticed by casino authorities in all types of casinos.