Thursday, September 29, 2016

BrainChip Technology to Further Thwart Casino Cheats?

Brain Chip or Brain Dud?
A high-tech company out of Australia called BrainChip says it has developed a new technology called Game Outcome that will greatly help casinos catch the highest level cheats at the baccarat tables as well as throughout the whole casino. BrainChip says its new technology will also catch dealer errors and make sure that players at the tables receive their fair share of comps based on their betting action.

The technology works by using video streams from standard surveillance cameras that recognizes sequences of played cards, proper dealing techniques in conjunction with winning hands and proper payouts. A spokesman for the company claimed the technology was like having a full time surveillance operator assigned to every gaming table in the casino.

BrainChip says their technology could save casinos up to $50 million per year.

For more on this read the newspaper article.

My take: This sounds to me like another over-hyped method of detecting and stopping cheating at poker and casinos, much the way all that biometrica surveillance stuff supposedly spots casino cheats entering target casinos before they even get their clothes on at home.

Besides, is saving $50 per year in casinos worldwide such a big deal?