Saturday, July 09, 2016

Why Poker Collusion Cheating is so popular

Who's telling who?
The vast popularity of Poker Collusion Cheating is growing every day. It may just be the most common form of cheating in brick and mortar casinos today. And note I said "casinos" and not "poker rooms". That's because poker collusion might be even more prevalent than bet-capping at roulette and blackjack.

Colluding at the brick-and-mortar poker tables is by far the most popular form of casino or poker cheating out there. And if you add online poker-collusion to the mix, you are talking about a staggering number of cheats, many of whom are professional. 

The art of two players covertly sharing information on their hole-cards and then using it to bet, raise and re-raise to induce opposing players to either call or fold is just too easy to do. It entails nothing more than perfecting a silent but visual language usual involving chip and card-formations on the table. In big-action cash-games in Vegas, top-notch collusion pros hustle high-rolling tourists out of tens of millions annually.

And even more than blackjack hole-carding, poker collusion is extremely safe inasmuch that no one can ever be prosecuted for it. In fact, only in the most obvious situations is a poker-colluder ever approached by poker room employees and asked to leave.

Online poker games are a little tougher because of all the anti-collusion programs that can go back and analyze every hand, card by card. Collusion patterns can be detected, but the most skilled of cheats will reduce their colluding and manage to stay under the anti-collusion radar for the most part.