Saturday, July 09, 2016

Why is Blackjack Hole-Carding such a popular cheating method?

Did someone catch the hole-card?
Imagine being able to cheat in a casino without really cheating. Sounds like a pipe-dream, right?


It actually exists on the blackjack table. And it is the number one from of blackjack cheating by skilled and professional blackjack cheats

There have been numerous discussions and debates whether or not hole-carding is actually cheating, some of which have ended up in state and federal courts. Despite the fact that there have been arrests of card-cheats for hole-carding blackjack games, not one has ever been convicted. In fact, there have been cases of false arrest stemming from these incidents where casinos ended up paying damages to those they arrested, in effect making them double-victims of the same scam.

The reason blackjack hole-card cheating is not really cheating is because the hole-carders are doing nothing to alter the deal and motion of the game. They are simply taking advantage of a weak dealer when he slides and tucks his hole-card underneath his up-card. 

Even after casinos greatly reduced the number of handheld blackjack games in which hole-carding was ridiculously easy, skilled cheats still manage to position themselves around and behind a blackjack table to get a good line of sight at a portion of the hole-card´s face to determine its value. Then one cheat (the reader) signals the value of the hole-card to his partner(s) at the table who use the information to alter their hand-strategy decisions

How profitable is blackjack hole-carding? 

Well, that of course, depends mainly on the percentage of hands the reader can glimpse the hole-card. If he is successful every time, the cheats have a 13% advantage over the casino, which is huge. In reality, that utopia is never reached, but if the reader manages a 25% accurate read-rate, the advantage is still healthy enough. The key is not to make mistakes reading. It’s far better for the team to play basic strategy when the hole-card is not readily defined.

And there are other ways to enhance the hole-carding edge. Most Skilled blackjack cheats already have substantial knowledge on card-counting and other legal advantage-play techniques such as ace-steering and identifying clumps of ten-valued cards and aces. So when a good team goes up to the blackjack table with the main hole-carding plan of attack, they have other weapons in their arsenal to fully take advantage of favorable situations. 

So when you take a good look at blackjack hole-carding, you can see why skilled blackjack cheats swear by it.