Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The "Madbotter" online poker cheat comes clean on poker forum--Do you and I believe it?

An online poker player calling himself “themadbotter” recently admitted on the Two plus Two poker forum that he’s been successfully bot-cheating online poker for the past six months and has racked up more than &30,000 in profits in that time.

He has also stated that he is retiring from what he calls his lucrative online poker cheating endeavor because he has found some other lucrative career and he no longer wants to put his time into the online poker cheating (which he doesn’t really consider cheating).

So—do you believe him?

I understand that lots of you are skeptics. After all, why would a guy who’s been successfully cheating for that much time without taking heat in the poker forums admit to this? Especially in light of the fact that his new endeavor might fail, which could propel his re-entry into poker bot cheating?

Well, I was asked the same question when I went public with my huge brick and mortar casino cheating career. I openly admitted and described my ultra-casino cheating move (the Savannah) even though I knew I could have gone on doing it for years if not forever.

Not many people believed me at first either. In fact, until casino security and surveillance insiders backed up my claims, I was generally considered a fiction writer when it came to casino cheating.

So yes, I do believe the guy (or girl—you never know).

He also stated that lots of work and tune-ups were necessary to keep his bot functioning properly and to make sure he stayed under the radar. I understand that statement very well, as I had to do tons of work preparing my brick and mortar cheat moves and at the same time doing my own security work to make sure I didn’t end up in jail.

Casino cheating in any form, online or off, is very difficult and takes tons of work.

So far the reactions across the online poker world vary. Some people believe it and want to hear more. Others believe it and condemn the guy for his online poker cheating and then bragging about it.

Still others are doubtful about the veracity of the claims.

One guy on the forum says he thinks he knows who themadbotter might be and is even launching his own investigation to come up with more.

Well, good luck to him and I hope you all continue to stay abreast of this very interesting online poker cheating situation.

And one more thing: If you, Mr. or Ms. themadbotter, read this article, you are welcome to write on my blog any time!