Thursday, July 07, 2016

Is This a Bad Attempt at Savannah?

Bad attempt at Savannah?
Holiday weekends usually bring out the cheats, as they do the legitimate players, and this past July 4th weekend in the US was no exception.

But apparently there was one exception to the normal cheating moves seen across roulette layouts.

At the Sands Bethlehem casino in Pennsylvania, a roulette cheat named Lalit Taneja, of unknown national origin, tried a roulette "pinch" move that may have been a silly attempt at my famous "Savannah" pinch move.

A pinch move is when the cheat removes a losing bet from the layout without the dealer noticing it.

But unfortunately for Mr. Taneja, a supervisor did notice his attempt to remove what was a losing bet of four $500 chips beneath two $5 chips, $2,010 in total, from the third-section box on the outside of the roulette layout. Apparently, Mr. Taneja tried to hide the bet from the dealer by placing other much smaller bets with his arm extended over the $2,010 bet just as the ball was beginning to drop. Then when it lost, he raked back the big bet which he thought nobody saw.

The covering of $500 chips with $5 chips is very reminiscent of my Savannah move, although it doesn't appear that Taneja tried to hide the $500 chips under the $5 chips as I did with Savannah. He went through this complicated action of trying to hide the bet while making other bets with his arm slung over his big bet.

I gotta wonder why he went through all that when it is so simple to hide the $500 chips underneath the $5 chips the way I did with Savannah.

Perhaps he never saw or read about the Savannah.

In any case, Mr. Taneja is busted and sitting in jail. Perhaps someone can send him a copy of my book "American Roulette" and he could read about what he should have done.