Thursday, July 07, 2016

Dealer Insider Trio Busted For Roulette Pastposting Cheat Scam at Iowa Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs

Dealer placing bets?
A floor supervisor and his ace roulette dealer teamed up with a patron to cheat their Iowa Horseshoe casino out of some thirty grand.

Their roulette cheat scam was rather basic if not altogether amateurish. The dealer and the supervisor simply looked the other way as their cohort roulette player made late or pastposted bets on the layout.  On many spins, the dealer himself pastposted the bet or added chips to a winning bets after they had won.

The dealer most likely had some of the cohorts chips palmed during play and simply dropped them on the winning number as he swept away the losing chips. This is not a new scam and usually gets discovered by casino surveillance long after its inception.

In this case, the roulette cheat scam fell apart when another roulette player not involved in it became aware of the hanky-panky taking place on the layout. He alerted another supervisor who, unfortunately for the crooked supervisor and dealer, was not in on the scam. Surveillance was then notified and a three-month investigation gathered enough evidence to charge the guilty parties.

Roulette supervisor Jonathan Rumery, 28; roulette dealer Jonathan Waugh 24; and roulette patron Cody Schroeder, 28, were all charged with cheating at gambling and conspiracy to cheat at gambling.

My take: Well, the “Jonathan Brothers” had a pretty good run for an Iowa casino cheat scam, but now they´ll never work in another Iowa casino again, and probably not in any casino. And to boot they´ll probably get some county jail time to think about it.