Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Card-Counting Cheating Wars Erupting in Maryland Casinos

Don't tell Maryland!
Ever since the US state of Maryland got its first legal gambling casino in 2010, blackjack card-counting has been a major combative issue, and it seems that the state's casino authorities at least secretly consider card-counting as cheating at blackjack.

Statistically, this makes sense.

I am getting more reports of blackjack players suspected of card-counting in Maryland being shown the door than from anywhere else in the world. And in some cases these "86ings" of suspected card-counters have been getting a bit rough--with at least three current law suits against Maryland casinos for illegal detention and battery on patrons currently running through Maryland's courts.

Also on the rise, faster than in any other US state, are casinos' conversion to continuous automatic card shufflers on their blackjack tables. Casino authorities state that they are using these shuffling machines, which shuffle played cards into the existing deck every few hands and render card-counting and other forms of advantge play nearly impossible, more to speed up the deal of blackjack games than to deter the card counters and shuffle trackers.

But whatever the truth really is, casinos neither in Maryland nor in the rest of the world will ever be able to convert to using the continuous shufflers on all their tables. That's because lots of high rollers and preferred customers simply don't like them,

Not because they're counting cards but rather for a general distaste of constantly seeing played cards invade the unplayed decks.

My take: Let the wars go on! The casinos will win most of 'em--but not all of 'em.