Friday, June 10, 2016

Yet Another Roulette Chip-Color Manipulation Cheat Scam!

How much are these chips really worth?
You´ve seen it've seen it a thousand times!

And I guarantee you will see it another thousand times!

Last May a Latino Roulette Cheat team from New York victimized the Sands Bethlehem casino for more than $13,000 with the old--and I mean VERY old--roulette chip-color manipulation scam.

The way it worked was that one of the gang would sit down at the roulette table and buy a color of roulette chips and assign the minimum $1 value to them. But when he cashed out he would hold out several of them and pass them off to another cheat gang-member who later bought-in at the same table for the same color, but this time assigned the maximum $25 value to them.

Then upon cashing out his paid-for $25 roulette chips, the second guy snuck in the $1 chips his partner had handed off to him and cashed them out as well for $25 a piece--making a nice 2,500 % profit on each chip.

And as you can see, it added up quicly.

But they finally got caught because they went to the well one time too many.

My take: Just unbelievable how this almost ridiculous roulette cheat scam keeps beating American casinos!