Friday, May 27, 2016

The Ol' Sticky Palms Roulette Cheat Move

Remember Fred Biletnikoff?
It's a humdinger! It takes balls! And it gets the money--every time!

And here's how it works...or I should say worked because according to reports I'm getting out of France, one very sly gentleman (not sure if he's French) has been casino-hopping up and down the casino-happy French Riviera with some very sticky palms below his wrists.

Using his hands to spread his own roulette chips over the layout, those sticky palms lifted up other players' cash chips the way the soles of your shoes lift gum off the street. He started by sucking up $5 chips, then graduated to $25 chips, and really had a heck of a roulette scam going, one that only victimized other players at the table and not the casinos.

His hand movements were all completely natural as he did not have to bend his hands to get the chips.

But then, like almost all greedy casino cheats, he got greedy. He decided to apply the stick'em to black $100 cash chips being bet by a high roller who was keenly following his bets. When number 13 came in, as bad luck would have it for the stick´em cheat, the high roller was waiting for the $3,500 payout his winning $100 chip straight-up on the number would bring.

But the high roller got a rude surprise when he looked and there was no black chip on number 13.

He was sure he'd bet one there, and when he complained to the pit inspector, who called surveillance, the sticky-palm cheat was caught red-handed...or should I say sticky-handed?

My take: Another great casino cheat scam done in by greed. The guy should've stuck (pardon the pun) to $5 chips. People playing those are much looser and don't generally hawk their bets as much as high rollers do.

Even with $5 chips, I'd think the guy could've easily made a few hundred bucks a day if he moved around  a bit.