Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Latest Dealer-Cheat Casino Scam nets seven-felony convictions at MotorCity Casino in Detroit

Bust Out Casino-Cheat Team
In another cheating-dealer/cohorts casino scam, seven people were convicted for a relatively small casino scam on an ultimate Texas hold’em table at the MotorCity casino in Detroit, Michigan. In a casino that sees tons of low-level amateurish casino-cheat scams, this one was no different.

Cheating dealer Darryl Green simply, and systematically, overpaid his six cheating accomplices’ winning bets and refrained from taking their losing bets. It´s not clear exactly how long the scam went on, but apparently in only netted a few thousand dollars, not a helluva lot for staining your record with a felony.

The scenario of cheating dealers working in collusion with their cohorts is becoming more and more prevalent as new casinos keep cropping up all over both in urban and rural parts of the United States.

It is my opinion that casinos need to educate their dealers and floor staffs via game protection training that this type of behavior is both wrong and extremely injurious to both people’s professional and personal lives.