Sunday, May 22, 2016

Another Double Whammy Casino Cheat Bust in Singapore!

Singapore Casino-Cheat Candy Store
It never ceases to amaze me how much cheatng is going on in Singapore's two big casinos. They've been at it six years now, but it seems that Singapore is still the haven of the world for poker cheats and casino cheats, both pros and amateurs alike.

Last week there were two major casino cheating busts, but don't forget that for each bust you hear about, there are several successful casino scams that have been paid and forgotten about.

The first casino-cheating bust occured at the Marina Bay Sands casino, where another cheating dealer was overpaying his four cohorts on several different table games over a long period of time--to the tune of $118,000. These simple and amateurish overpaying-winning-bets scams are getting more and more popular, not only in Singapore but worldwide, including Las Vegas.

It blows my mind that these types of scams can go on for so long. Several times over the past year the total take from this scam has exceeded a million dollars. This shows how weak in general casinos across the world are in the area of table game protection.

When I conduct undercover surveillance for casinos, I always find evidence of the same things--lack of proper dealing procedure and basic ignorance of casino game protection.

The second Singapore bust also occured at the Marina Bay Sands. This one appeared a bit more professional but also probably involved corrupt casino employees (it seems Singapore's casinos have hordes of 'em).

This time it was three men and three females, otherwise four Russians, a Filipino and a czech (quite a strange mix of a casino-cheat team), who used electronic devices to beat the casino's slot machines. I don't have details as to exactly what devices they used or how they beat the slot machines, but all six were arrested while a laptop, sixteen cell phones and $125,000 cash were seized.

So it must have been a pretty big and maybe even professional operation.

In any case, I think it's fair to say that Singapore has become the number-one candy store for worldwide casino cheats, surpassing even Foxwoods casino in Connecticut.

I spoke at the Aces Casino Summit in Singapore just two years before the country's two casinos opened in 2009.

I urged them to get proper game protection training for their employees--obviously they still haven't listened.

I have never been contacted by either Singapore casiono to help them out.