Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Worldwide Baccarat Cheating Wave Continues

Another foxy baccarat cheat
It seems that each time we hear of a major casino baccarat cheating scam, a few more pop up on its heels. And besides them, there are the mid-level and low-level baccarat scams, the high-tech and the low-tech baccarat scams...or just plain and simple: BACCARAT SCAMS!

No doubt that the popular game and its classy ambience, long the casino favorite of two of the world's most dashing gamblers, James Bond and Omar Sharif, is just irresistable to all classes of casino cheats...from Singapore to Canada and beyond.

I get wind of all the baccarat scams and write about the ones I find either most interesting or most ridiculous.

Of course the multi-million-dollar baccarat edge-sorting scam carried out by World Series of Poker champion and recent Casino Cheats Hall of Fame inductee Phil Ivey is one of the interesting ones.

One of the more ridiculous ones was carried out last February at the River Rock Casino in Vancouver, Canada, by Thi Lien Chu, a very attractive 44-year-old Asian woman who uses her hands a lot as a professional esthetician.

And she was using her hands a lot at Richmond's River Rock Casino as well!

Believe it or not, her scam was simply sliding her bets from the losing side to the winning side after the hands played out. When she bet "player" and "banker" won, she switched her chips from player to banker--and repeatedly did the same when her losing  bet was on banker...all right in front of the dealer whom she managed to distract (I don't know how!).

Though this move if reminiscent of the classic roulette slide-move done by generations of Italian roulette casino cheats, I doubt Ms. Chu's skills in any way matched theirs.

But she did get away with it and earned several thousand dollars before her "casino-beauty" luck ran out.

Ms. Chu told the judge that she was desperate because her esthetics business was failing (despite that she'd been implicated in some other petty casino scams), and the judge must have been impressed by either her excuse or her esthetics--he gave her a year of community service.