Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Poker Dealer Caught With Ace up his Sleeve--Says he's Innocent

I came across this potential poker cheat incident today--and it's a good one!

The ol' ace-up-the-sleeve trick
Cleveland Horseshoe Casino dealer Robert D.Brown was suddenly missing a card when his shuffle machine told him so. Brown immediately notified his supervisor and the search was on. After twenty minutes no missing card was turned up--until it fell out of Brown's sleeve as he bended over to pick up a piece of trash on the floor away from the table.

Brown, who at the very least had to be somewhat mortified, claimed he was shocked and had no idea how the card got there. The casino thought otherwise and had him arrested and charged with a casino-cheaitng crime. A jury found him innocent and now he's back at work dealing poker at the Horseshoe.

Well, a judge apparently believed Mr. Brown.

Do you?

You know what--I do!


Because sometimes in life where people come up with the most ridiculous of stories to declare their innocence, they're actually telling the truth. It's just to stupid to be a lie!

This almost poker-cheating case reminds me of accused murderer Bladerunner Oscar Pistorius, who told the police that he thought a robber was in the bathroom when he shot his girlfriend who had gotten up from bed and entereed the bathroom. I actually believe Pistorius's story because it's just too stupid to make up.

Well, maybe I'm gullable after all.

Oh, by the way, it wasn't an ace after all...just a king.